Glitter Mirror Balls
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Glitter Mirror Balls

A timeless disco party effect that will provide you with the classic look from days gone by. Mirror balls are a thing of beauty when the light catches their glass fascitis the whole space illuminates.


This classic effect is still one of the most essential lighting products to hire if you want to add that extra sparkle to your party. Mirror ball hire items are also affectionally known as ‘glitter balls’ & disco balls’. They come in a number of different sizes and we carry large stocks with the popular ones from 30cm, 40cm and 50cm up to our largest 1m version.


Your enquiry may have led you to us, already having a vision in mind for the use of mirror ball hire. We would love to know how you have been inspired. A good way to visualise this lighting effect is to see how it looks in a similar environment. Click on this dedicated gallery, which shows examples of our hanging and prop installed glitter balls in marquees, barns, and traditional venues, as well as being used in many different configurations outside.

Mirror Ball Hire

Pocketful of Dreams – Glitter Mirror Ball After Party

Mirror Ball Hire

Speak to us to find out how we can incorporate a mirror ball, rotating motor, and spotlighting into your evening party. We can advise on how best to show off this effect within your venue. If your venue has beams we can look to safely rig these items or set them up freestanding.

For something a little more unique we can create a mirror ball hire cluster made from varying sized mirror balls hung at different heights. This will really create a stunning centerpiece to any lighting rig or venue.

Tech Spec

  • Delivered, setup, installed and removed by a ‘Dreamwave Crew’ member
  • Large stock of different sized balls and rotating motors
  • Different options to act as spotlighting
  • Easily configured to work in the most challenging of venues
  • Minimal temporary fixing and rigging required
  • Professional rental stock from our trusted supplier Highlite International
  • Custom designs can be created to suit wedding or party theme

See our Mirror Balls gallery for inspiration and contact us for a custom quote.

Captains Wood Barn - Glitter Mirror Balls

Pocketful of Dreams - Wedding Production

Captains Wood Barn - Mirror Ball Cluster

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