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Festoon Lighting

This timeless look of glowing light bulbs hanging neatly in a line can be used to create a multitude of lighting designs to complement a wedding or themed event. The perfect backdrop setting for any marquee tent, barn or outdoor space.


Festoon lighting hire has fast become one of our most popular rental services. This versatile and stylish lighting product ticks many boxes for design use.


Your enquiry may have led you to us, already having a vision in mind for the use of festoon lighting hire. We would love to know how you have been inspired. A good way to visualise this lighting effect is to see how it looks in a similar environment. Click on these dedicated galleries, which show examples of our festoons installed in marquees, barns, and traditional venues, as well as being used in many different configurations outside.

Wedding Festoons

You only have to look to Pinterest & Instagram to notice that festoon lighting has become a ‘staple look’ for wedding lighting. Maybe it’s the soft warm light that the lamps produce?  Or how pleasing it is to the eye to see the symmetrical design? Either way, festoons have soared in popularity being used in wedding marquees and stretch tents giving vast coverage. From installations being in the eaves of a roof, or in a barn strung across from beam to beam.

Event Festoon Lighting

When you think of a festival or outdoor corporate event lighting your immediate thought is to visualise festoons suspended overhead.  With the development of LED technology the light bulbs we now use now offer no limitation with regards to the distance, they can cover. This allows festoons to be suspended within vast tree canopies, along walkways, and for more functional uses around seating and food areas.

Festoon lighting hire in Suffolk

Festoon lighting hire at Hengrave Hall


There are two main components that make up festoon lighting hire:

Festoon belts and the light bulbs. We are proud to hold in our rental stock the Festive Lights, FestoonPro (commercial-grade) range of festoon belts. These electrical cables with lamp holders spaced at intervals carry the power consecutively to each light bulb.

We stock a large number of different light bulbs, from the classic filament lamps that have a traditional glow and create a warm look when dimmed, to the new LED versions that shine bright and give a more contemporary look.

Types of Festoon Lighting Hire

Production & Wet Hire allows our skilled lighting crew to deliver, install, and remove all rental items. For a wedding or event production, this style of lighting may be part of a larger order with the festoons creating a feature in a selected space. A Wet Hire of festoons would see our crew arrive with all the required items to create your desired lighting design. Generally, these designs are a bespoke build from our range of stocked items. From 10 years of experience in installations of wedding and event lighting, we have also created packages that we class as  ‘popular requests’. These packages have been tailor-made to accommodate a variety of different setups and budgets. For example an ‘outside seating area’ that would include a set amount of festoons belts and lamps, plus supporting up-right poles. Our highly skilled team can advise what best suits your requests.

Dry Hire can be very appealing for those clients who wish to rent one of our popular festoon packages to set up and use as they wish. These selected packages can be delivered and collected via courier with simple instructions on how to install and operate the lighting. For more information on our Dry Hire Festoon Packages please click here.

Chat to us about your ideas on using this diverse and effective lighting style.

Captains Wood Barn Wedding Lighting with festoons

Festoon marquee lighting at Le Talbooth

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