29 Mar 2018

Need to know – Your Lighting Hire Enquiry

You know you want lighting for your evening party but have no idea where to start – look no further. This post lets you know what we need to achieve your lighting aspirations. Read on to find out more…..

29 Mar 2018

Whether you need lighting for your wedding or a party it is difficult to know where to start.  What lighting is suitable for my venue? How much does it cost?  A good place to start is at the beginning by contacting us with your Lighting Hire Enquiries.  We offer our lighting hire services all over Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, East Anglia and London.  Our ability to provide a fully comprehensive quote for our services that are accurate, detailed and personal is dependent upon the information your provide in your lighting hire enquiry.

Of course, not everyone knows the what we need to respond to your enquiry efficiently.  I have written this post so that we can hopefully skip a few backwards and forwards emails and thus you can receive your quote much more speedily!

Hanging Kilner Lamps Barn Wedding Bulbs Rustic Natural Chandelier Essex Suffolk East Anglia Lighting Hire

What we Need to Know from your Lighting Hire Enquiry to produce a Detailed Quote


Wedding Date / Date of your Event

Sounds obvious doesn’t it?  But it is a point that is overlooked surprisingly often! This is a really important factor when we receive your initial lighting hire enquiry as it enables us to check our physical stock availability of our hire products for your wedding or event.  Just bear in mind that some lighting installations need to be laid prior to the event.  This leads on nicely to….



It is a great help if we know your venue’s name and address from the off.  We are based in North Essex and operate here and the surrounding areas of Suffolk and East Anglia.  We are happy to travel further afield and cover nationwide.  This would include additional transport and mileage within your quote.  Of course, if your venue is within our catchment, it’s likely we have worked there before and therefore experienced in what lighting can be done and looks best!


The venues logistics and availability for install determines if we can install your lighting vision.  Another factor is their restrictions.  Will they allow the lighting to be installed?  Is the layout of the venue suitable for your lighting?

Style of Wedding or Party Venue

Whether your wedding or party venue is a Barn, Hotel, Stately Home or Private Marquee, lighting can really complete the look.  But it has to be the right kind of lighting that will suit your venue’s style.  Our experienced team can recommend the most complementary lighting for your evening and make it look amazing!


Wedding Lighting Hire Hanging Lamps Osea Island Essex Suffolk

Image Source – The Kitcheners; Style and Planning – London Bride


Venue Availability

Lighting Install

Depending on the type of lighting you are interested in, we would need to know when you venue is available for install and de-rig.  Aerial lighting or hung lighting can take a remarkable amount of time and man-power and so cannot be done on the day of your wedding.  Our crew needs to be able to freely install your desired lighting safely when your venue will be free of tables and decorations.

Lighting Removal

Taking your lighting out is a quicker process.  This can either be completed at the end of your evening or the days to follow depending on your venue’s availability.

Crew Costs

Lighting arrangements can incur a cost of our experienced Dreamwave Events Crew Members to install your lighting within your Quotation.   The price of the crew is down to the complexity of the lighting package; the time it will take to install your effect and the time of day this is to take place (night rates will be different to day).


Wedding Lighting Hire Essex Suffolk East Anglia North London Festoons Barn Indoor Inspiration Houchins Venue


We really want to know your awesome ideas for your wedding or party!  The best way to show us is by sending us pictures.  This could be inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest or a screenshot of images found on the web.  If you need our advice on what lighting would be suitable, tell us your desired look or theme.  Let us know whether your would like indoor or outdoor lighting so we quote you with suitable bulbs.


Though not essential for us to produce a comprehensive lighting quote, it is really helpful.  Knowing your budget will help us to use your ideas to produce a desired package product that can realistically be achieved within the limitations to create your desired effect.


Moving Forward with your Lighting Hire Enquiry…..

Now you know exactly what we need to put together your lighting package.  It’s time to get in touch with our expert team.  Why not check our specialised lighting website detailing our services.  Our gallery is also full of exciting ideas.


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